Sliding Window Repairs in Gold Coast: Great Services, Low Cost

sliding window repairDo your sliding windows rattle whenever an airplane passes by your house? Do they get stuck each time you try to close them? Do they require more effort than usual just to get them opened? Do they threaten to break the glass each time they rattle?

If you experience any of these situations then you should get them repaired ASAP. Why? Any more rattling and it could really break the glass. Rattling can also damage other parts of the window like the rollers and the sliders.


Homeowners know that every part of their house, no matter how small, is important for the home and for its residents. The view is not so good with damaged windows, huh?

If you are looking for a quick fix for your sliding windows in the Gold Coast then better act fast in repairing them. DIY may be a solution but it will not be a “quick” answer in getting your windows repaired.


Getting professional help should be at the top of your list when you want to get your sliding windows repaired. Experts within the industry can get the job done and get it done right. Take the guys at Window Revival; they already have hundreds of clients that have opted for their sliding window repair services and have passed their test wherein you will be able to open your windows at the slightest touch of your finger.

Furthermore, they have a number of guarantees to assure their customers that they mean business when it comes to giving excellent value for money. Their guarantees include:

1.       Appointment Guarantee

2.       Slide easy Guarantee

3.       Clean Home Guarantee

4.       No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

5.       Lowest Priced Parts Guarantee

Window Revival guarantees that their technicians and repair people will show up on the appointment date and on time. Also, they always bring along cleaning materials, such as a vacuum cleaner, to leave the job area as clean as before they have arrived on the scene (or even cleaner). Lastly, their “No Fix, No Fee” guarantee and their guarantee on lowest prices for replacement parts give you value for money and peace of mind.

To get more information on the sliding window repair company in Gold Coast that is Window Revival, you can give them a ring at 1300 882 482.